The goal of this remodel is to make my bathroom more elegant and sophisticated. So, one thing that I decided to do is to frame in my mirror. I think that this simple project completely changes the atmosphere of the room, and it makes the room look finished. Here’s how I did it.

I started by buying long pieces of trim from Home Depot and cutting them down to the size that I needed.


Then I stained the pieces with the same stain that I used for the cabinets.


After letting them dry for a day I used Liquid Nails to glue the trim to the mirror.

Then I clamped the frame to the mirror and let it dry for two days.


With the leftover trim that I had I decided to also frame in the open medicine cabinet that I made. I cut and stained the trim, but I had to use nails as well as liquid nails to put up this frame.

I drilled holes for the nails.


And then I was able to put it up.


Here are my before and after pictures: