Today I tackled the old faucet. This was probably the most disgusting project so far. The faucet was original to the house, so the pipes haven’t been changed for twenty years…Let’s just say that I now know why plumbers charge so much for their services. Here’s how I installed the faucet:

I started by turning off the water from under the sink. Then I disconnected the pipes, and water lines. It was a very tight squeeze under there!

Then I took out the old drain and faucet. There was a nut at the top of the drain that I unscrewed and then I could just pull it out. For the faucet, I disconnected the water lines and pulled it out.

Next I added new waterlines and pipes. This isn’t a required step but like I said earlier, it hasn’t been done in twenty years and they were kind of nasty.


Then I connected the waterlines to the new faucet, and screwed and glued the new drain, and I was finished!