A big issue with the bathroom right now is the lighting. It is very dim, and it makes getting ready in the mornings difficult because I can’t see anything. Painting the walls brightened up the room a little bit, but a new light fixture was the answer to my problems. This is how I did it!

The very first thing that I did was turn off the electricity in the bathroom. Then I took out the light bulbs and the old light fixture. I had exposed wires, so as a safety precaution I taped the ends of the wires with electrical tape.

Then I had to patch up the holes in the walls with spackle and let them dry.

Next I painted the exposed wall, and installed the anchor piece for the new light fixture. All I had to do was screw it in with a couple of screws.

After that I could mount the light fixture. The wires were too long, so I cut them with wire cutters. Then I stripped them with wire strippers, put new nuts on the ends, and connected the wires. When I mounted the light there were small screws built-in and all I had to do was tighten them.


Finally, I screwed the ceramic covers in and added the light bulbs, and my bathroom lit up like I’ve never seen it before!