It’s finally time to do the floor! I started out this project by going shopping.

floor and decor

I found my tile at Floor & Decor for fairly cheap. I decided on this wood-look gray tile for $1.81 per square foot.

Because of the size of the bathroom, I only needed one box of tile so it was a good cheap choice!

The first thing that needs to be done to install tile floors is to screw down the backer board.


Then you mix the thin-set and spread it around with the trowel over an area of the floor.

20160117_123948 (1)

Once a layer of thin-set is down, run the notched edge of the trowel over the layer and begin adding tile, separating the tiles with spacers.20160117_152403

After the thin-set has dried for at least 24 hours, apply the grout with a grout float and let it dry. Once the grout has dried remove excess with a large sponge.




20151226_184703 (1)


Finished tile